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Regular Dental Exams Help Protect Heart Health

Curated News: By Timberlake Dental curated from – Image courtesy of Flickr – “Guidelines for Health – News – Dr. David Health…” Commentary: This is short, to the point, and worth your attention. Taking care of your teeth by your own daily routine – and by regular visits to your dentist don’t only save […]

Kate Middleton tops best smile list‎

Curated News: By Timberlake Dental curated from   Image Courtesy of Flickr – Comrade Foot “More than half of Brits believe that the quality of a person’s teeth has a major impact on a person’s career or romantic life, yet only half of us visit the dentist regularly…” Commentary: This story from the U.K. reports […]

Fruit drinks ‘can be as acidic as vinegar’

Curated News: From Mail Online Image Courtesy of Mail Online “Dentists have issued a warning about popular fruit drinks and smoothies after it emerged some can be as acidic as vinegar. Fruity drinks are commonly given to children by well-meaning parents to ensure they get their ‘five a day’. But an investigation found many contained a high […]