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The Importance of Saliva

Few people understand how essential saliva is to great oral health.  Most people know that a dry mouth isn’t a good thing, but you have to know all of the wonderful things saliva does to really understand why this is so.  In this week’s blog, we’ll describe the important effects of saliva on the oral […]

I Have Diabetes.  Why is My Dentist Concerned?

Diabetes affects millions of Americans today, and millions more are pre-diabetic.  In this serious health condition, the body is no longer able to regulate blood sugar levels. Diabetes affects the entire body, leading to serious consequences if left uncontrolled.  This article will focus on how it affects the health of the mouth. The Effects of […]

Are Mouth Piercings Bad for You?

Yes. Of course we have more to say about it than just “yes”.  But the answer to the overall question is a resounding yes.  Mouth piercings seem to grow in fade in popularity over time.  We have seen the damage they can cause to the mouth, so we always urge our patients to avoid them […]