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What is a One Visit Crown?

Dentistry is rapidly changing and advancing as technology advances.  One of the advances in dental technology that we, at Timberlake Dental, love is the single visit crown.  It provides many advantages to both the dentist and the patient. What is a Crown? A crown is a dental treatment that restores a broken down tooth back […]

What is an Amalgam Filling?

Many people are familiar with the term “amalgam” in dentistry, and most people over the age of fifty years have amalgam fillings in their mouths.  This week’s article will explain what amalgam fillings are and what you should know about them. What is Amalgam? The word amalgam simply means a mixture or blend, so you […]

Why Dental Checkups Are Essential

We know that the past year has been a strange one.  We know that COVID restrictions and personal levels of concern over virus transmission have kept many people away from the dental office, postponing their regularly scheduled checkups.  As we, as a nation, begin to get the pandemic under control, it is time for those […]

Are Dental X-Rays Safe During Pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, one of the things at the top of your mind is how everything could affect your growing baby.  You are constantly asking yourself, “Is this safe?”  You should avoid lunch meat and caffeine, but what else should you avoid? When it comes to dental care, the answer is not a simple […]