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What Does It Mean to be High Risk for TMJ Problems?

What is the TMJ? The TMJ is arguably the most complicated joint in the body.  It is a ball-in-socket joint, just like your shoulder and hip joints.  The complicated part is that during normal function, the ball comes out of the socket! The “ball” of the joint is the condyle of the mandible (lower jaw).  […]

Why Mouth Breathing is a Big Deal

We are not supposed to breathe through our mouths.  Our bodies function best on air that is warm and humid after passing through our noses and sinus passages.  Constant mouth breathing is like always using a back-up plan.  It gets oxygen to our brains, and it keeps us alive, but it is not the best […]

Can a sinus infection make my teeth hurt?

Spring is on its way.  And with it come allergies, sinus infections, and colds.  It is very common for dentists to see an increase in “toothaches” during this season.  We put “toothaches” in quotes because while the tooth definitely aches, it is not a tooth problem.  Many patients will call us with a toothache and […]