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Improving Bad Breath with Dental Hygiene

As we finish out National Dental Hygiene Month for October, we want to draw attention to a topic that matters to all of us: bad breath.  More than ninety percent of bad breath originates in the oral cavity, and one hundred percent of it is the result of smelly gases produced by bacteria.  This is […]

What is a Tooth Pocket?

As we continue in the theme of National Dental Hygiene Month, this week we are covering an important term you may hear your dentist or dental hygienist say when discussing your oral health. The measurement of any pockets around your teeth provide important information about the health of the supporting structures of the teeth.  This […]

National Dental Hygiene Month

Each year, the month of October carries the designation of National Dental Hygiene Month.  All month long, we will focus on the importance of both dental hygiene and our wonderful dental hygienists.  Why a whole month, you may ask?  Because dental hygiene is the most important aspect of great oral health! The Importance of Dental […]

What Does a Dental Hygienist Do?

A dental hygienist wears many hats in the dental practice.  Most dental offices have more than one dental hygienist because the services they render to the patients are so vital.  EVERYONE needs to see a dental hygienist on a consistent basis! Often people think that all a hygienist does is clean teeth.  Actually, their duties […]