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Sjögren’s Syndrome

We care about your overall health, and we are especially interested on how the condition of your mouth impacts overall health.  There are also systemic conditions that affect the condition of the mouth, and one of those is the focus of today’s blog. Sjögren’s Syndrome is a disorder that has huge ramifications for the health […]

How to Have a Cavity-Free Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us, and you know what that means: parties, candy, drinking, and lots and lots of eating!  This time of year often leads to a deviation from our normal eating and drinking habits as well as the way we take care of ourselves. Do not let the holidays put you at risk […]

What Causes Cold Sores and Fever Blisters?

Cold sores and fever blisters have these names because people once believed they were the result of colds and fevers.  They are not caused by colds or fevers, but colds and fevers can put you at risk for them. What is a Cold Sore/Fever Blister? A cold sore and a fever blister are the same […]

Dental Insurance: Are You Throwing Away Money?

Some of the most common questions we answer at Timberlake Dental are about dental insurance.  Dental insurance plans and the benefits they provide can be very confusing.  There are thousands of different plans, and many of them even share the same name.   So just knowing that you have Blue Cross Blue Shield will not get […]