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Why Should I Get My Teeth Cleaned Every Six Months?

This is actually one of those questions we do NOT hear very often in the dental office. Why?  Because we typically see the people who do come to get their teeth cleaned every six months. We do, however, see many patients who have a family member who chooses not to stick to a consistent schedule […]

White Spots on Your Teeth? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Every wants white teeth, but we generally want them uniformly white, not just peppered here and there with white splotches or lines.  There are a few common causes of these isolated white spots, and this blog will explore each one, including ways you can help lessen their appearance. Causes of White Spots In general, an […]

Tonsil Stones: What Are They, and Why Do I Get Them?

To be frank, tonsil stones are gross.  If you have never experienced them, count your lucky stars.  They feel weird, they smell bad, and they put you at risk for infections! What are Tonsils? Tonsils are lumps of lymphatic tissue (part of your immune system) at the back of the mouth.  They come in all […]

How Acid Reflux Affects the Mouth

Acid reflux is a condition that affects millions of Americans, both adults and children.  Also referred to as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), acid reflux allows stomach acid to escape from the stomach, creeping up into both the esophagus and the mouth. Acid reflux is a case of a broken one-way “door”.  There is a “door”, […]