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I Have Sensitive Teeth.  What Can I Do?

Tooth sensitivity is a very common problem.  There are many products marketed toward people who suffer from sensitive teeth.  But do they actually work?  In order to learn which products might work for you, you need to first understand the causes of sensitivity, and then the ways the various products fight it. Causes of Teeth […]

Why Am I in Pain After a Tooth Extraction?

Despite all of our efforts and abilities to save damaged teeth, tooth extractions remain one of the most commonly performed dental procedures.  An extraction is a surgical procedure because it removes an important part of the human body.  As with any surgery, some pain afterward is to be expected.  However, there are also complications that […]

Do Bad Teeth Run in the Family?

We actually don’t hear this question very often.  The sentiment comes more in the form of a declarative statement: “I inherited bad teeth from my parents” or something to that effect.  There are many different ways to look at this question, and we’ll try to hit it from every side because there is not a […]

Why Do I Need a Deep Cleaning?  I Just Want a Regular One.

When it comes to professional teeth cleanings, they are not all alike.  Many people don’t understand this and assume that all teeth cleanings are “regular” teeth cleanings.  Finding out you need something other than the “regular” one may be upsetting or confusing. We hope that by explaining the purpose of all professional teeth cleanings and […]