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Teeth Whitening Options

Most everyone wants white teeth!  It is the fastest and least expensive form of cosmetic dentistry.  Whitening your teeth brightens your smile, making it the first thing people notice about you. There are several different ways to whiten your teeth. When Should You Whiten Your Teeth? The short answer is: whenever you want! A longer, […]

What, Exactly, is a Root Canal?

What is a root canal? A root canal is the anatomical term to describe a portion of a tooth.  Teeth are hollow, and the internal chamber that contains the nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth is called the root canal.  The nerves and blood vessels are also called the pulp. What is root canal […]

pH: A Surprising Cause of Cavities

How does the pH of your mouth affect your risk for cavities? Most people know and understand that a diet high in sugar can be detrimental to their oral health.  But many people are unaware of the dangerous effects of acid to tooth structure.  In recent years, we have seen an increase in cavities among […]

What is Gingivitis?

A lot of people hear this word from their dentist and are not really sure what it means.  Have you been told that you have gingivitis by your dentist or dental hygienist?  Do you sometimes see blood when you spit your toothpaste out in the sink?  This blog will describe what gingivitis is, what it […]