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Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Also known as bottle rot or early childhood caries, baby bottle tooth decay is a condition in which very young children experience moderate to severe cavities in their baby teeth.  As the name implies, this condition is caused by an improper use of baby bottles. How Does a Baby Get Cavities? Cavities are caused by […]

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

At Timberlake Dental, our goal is for every dental visit to be a good one.  We understand that setting the right expectations can help us meet that goal. When it comes to kids, not knowing what to expect can generate fear, anxiety and/or misbehavior.  Here is what to expect from your child’s first dental visit. […]

Silver Diamine Fluoride – A Cavity-Fighting Liquid

What is SDF? In June 2016, the New York Times published an article on a new dental material called Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) that excited all of its readers and everyone who saw it shared on Facebook.  (New York Times article) Correction: it is not new.  SDF has been used in Japan for decades (approved […]

When Should Your Child Stop Using a Pacifier?

Thumb sucking and Pacifiers Parents of our littlest patients frequently ask us about oral habits such as thumb sucking and pacifiers.  These perfectly normal behaviors in an infant can become damaging to an older child’s facial growth and development.  There are many different opinions and treatment options, and this blog will give you a general […]

FAQs for New Moms

Having a baby often takes people into uncharted territory.  There are many questions that arise as you embark on the journey.  These are the most commonly asked questions we hear from new moms. When do the teeth break through the gums (erupt)?  Normal eruption of the first tooth is generally around 6-7 months of age […]