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Why Are My Gums Bleeding?

The short answer to this question is that there is inflammation present, bringing increased blood flow to the gum tissues and making the tissues more delicate so that they bleed at the slightest provocation. The longer answer to this question includes what various things lead to inflammation in the gums and predispose you to bleeding.  […]

What are the Signs of Oral Cancer?

Even in the middle of a global pandemic, April is still oral cancer awareness month.  You can even argue that without the ability to see your dentist for non-emergency dental care, it is even more important than ever before that you begin self-screening for oral cancer and understand what to look for. Oral Cancer Self-Screenings […]

What are the Signs of Tooth Decay?

In this unusual age of coronavirus, we are being forced to think about things that we may have relied on others for in the past.  For example, people who see the dentist regularly usually don’t worry much about spotting cavities because they know the dentist will tell them if there is anything to worry about.  […]

Do Teeth Need Fluoride?

For such a seemingly simple question, the answer is actually quite complicated.  As dental health professionals, we understand our responsibility to provide excellent care to our patients, and that includes providing trustworthy information.  While there is compelling evidence on both sides of this issue, we hope to present a relatively unbiased perspective in the information […]