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Ties Between Dental Health and Heart Health

  Why Dental Checkups Are Important Getting your necessary dental checkups on a consistent basis is also important for keeping your heart healthy. Disregarding your dental checkups could potentially cause you to suffer from a heart attack. This is due to the fact that plaque, filled with bacteria, forms around the teeth and can result […]

How Your Tongue Is Connected To Your Health

How Your Tongue Is Connected to Your Health Our tongue plays a vital role in so much of our everyday life and unfortunately is easily forgotten about. In fact, our tongue can be a indicator of our own personal health and understanding these signs and symptoms from it can be very helpful. Bright Red Tongue […]

Early Detection of Oral Cancer

  Early Detection of Oral Cancer Early detection of oral cancer is made possible by receiving physical examination screenings. These screenings require detailed examinations of the body. Family medical history should also be considered when detecting these early signs. It is important to understand that these signs and symptoms can be different depending on whether […]

Oral Cancer Awareness

Understanding Oral Cancer With April being Oral Cancer Awareness month, we would like to take this opportunity to discuss what exactly oral cancer is and how to prevent it. Oral cancer develops red sores and lumps within the mouth that do not heal with time. Unfortunately, oral cancer is very common within the U.S. “about […]

Is Flossing Really Necessary?

  Is Flossing Really Necessary? The debate on whether flossing is necessary or not is causing much confusion for people understanding their oral care and necessities of it. While some studies argue that flossing has no proven health benefits, the majority of Dentist’s are still unconvinced. The more an individual flosses their teeth, the less […]