How Your Tongue Is Connected To Your Health

How Your Tongue Is Connected to Your Health

Our tongue plays a vital role in so much of our everyday life and unfortunately is easily forgotten about. In fact, our tongue can be a indicator of our own personal health and understanding these signs and symptoms from it can be very helpful.

Bright Red Tongue

An overly red tongue can be the cause of two factors. Most often, a bright red tongue is due to a vitamin deficiency, but sometimes Kawasaki disease can also be a cause.

Sensitive of Aching Tongue

Most often, a tender tongue is the result of a canker sore or food allergy but will often go away with time. If tongue aching seems persistent for an extended period, reach out to your dentist for further evaluation.

White Coating on Tongue

Sometimes your tongue can be coated in a while film, which is often resulted from oral thrush. Oral thrush is best defined as a yeast overgrowth within the mouth. The best solution oral thrush is brushing it daily with your toothbrush.

See Your Dentist

If you have any of these symptoms within your mouth, or others of concern, make an appointment with your dentist today. Your provider will help you navigate treatment and next steps with any oral health concerns you may have.