Bubble tea puts consumers at risk of teeth damage

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By Timberlake Dental curated from Dental Tribune


Germany: Bubble tea shops are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. However, as the Taiwanese trend spreads, criticism has grown. German dentists have now once again strongly cautioned that the consumption of sweetened drinks can lead to an increased risk of caries


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Bubble Tea is generally made of tea and natural flavors served over “pearls”, also called “bobas” which are made from tapioca starch.  The pearls taste somewhat like caramel-flavored Jell-O.   Bubble tea is served with a big fat straw so that the drink and the pearls can be enjoyed together.  This new treat is gaining popularity both abroad and in the U.S.    Sounds enticing?  Well beware, as warned in this article about the impact on your oral health of these sweet treats.