7 Myths About Medication

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By Timberlake Dental curated from Cleveland Clinic

“Cleveland Clinic drug information pharmacist Katie Stabi, PharmD, BCPS, debunks seven of the most common myths about medications…”

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This article, from one of the most reputable hospitals in the country, the Cleveland Clinic, is a good reminder that we often behave, when it comes to medicine, in ways that are not so wise – mostly out of habit.  Taking medicine for instance:  have you ever just stopped taking it when you felt better – or took the shortcut of just prescribing for yourself an old antibiotic you’ve used before?  This and other myths, such as how to take your medicine, and what you should tell your doctor are included in this useful list of myths.

Rodney D. Chowning, General and Sedation Dentist Denton TX