Caffeinated coffee may reduce oral cancer risk

Coffee and Your Health

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“People who drank more than four cups of caffeinated coffee per day were at about half the risk of death of these often fatal cancers compared with those who only occasionally or who never drank coffee, according to the study authors…”

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In this study, based on data collected since 1982, the role of caffeinated coffee in its possible prevention of oral/pharyngeal cancer was highlighted.  Of the  968,432 men and women who participated in the study and who were cancer-free at at the start, 868 deaths occurred due to oral/pharyngeal cancer during the 26 years of the study follow-up.    Based on this data, researchers found that consuming more 4 cups or more of caffeinated coffee per day was associated with a 49% lower risk of oral/pharyngeal cancer death as compared to study participants who drank little to no caffeinated coffee.

Coffee is a very popular beverage around the world and contains a variety of antioxidants and biologically active compounds that may help to protect against cancer, so this study puts a positive spin on the issue of actually how coffee may be helping us.

Rodney D. Chowning DDS, General Dentist, Denton, TX