Study Finds Link Between Sleep Apnea and Perio Disease

Link Between Sleep Apnea and Perio DiseaseCurated News:

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“A new study… has found a significant association between obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and periodontal disease…”

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This is, again, one of those study results that you need to interpret with a grain of salt.  The study results indicated an association between sleep apnea and periodontal disease, in that they seem to happen  together for a significant percentage of the study participants.   It didn’t prove causation, however.  In other words, it didn’t prove that sleep apnea leads to periodontal disease, or vice versa.  Further study will be needed to prove causation between the two – or perhaps conclude that other factors may be at play in this, such as age, gender, or smoking status.

Rodney D. Chowning, Cerec and General Dentist Denton TX