Tongue Cover could fundamentally change the way people take medicine

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By Timberlake Dental curated from Dental Tribune

“Haris Ayoubi is the inventor of the Tongue Cover, a protective latex barrier that shields the tongue from the unpleasant taste of liquid medicines…”

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Children and adults in the early 1900’s had to take cod liver oil (awful tasting stuff) for a variety of health reasons.  Today we have much better flavored medicines but many are still quite bitter or have an otherwise upleasant taste.  This “tongue cover” device, that covers your tongue with a latex sheath so that you won’t taste medicine, is therefore an interesting idea.  If the taste of medicine poses a difficulty for you, perhaps this product will be available in the near future for you to try out.

Dr. Rodney D. Chowning, Dental Implant, Sedation and General Dentist, Denton, TX