Young Athletes Urged to Use Face-Protecting Gear

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Image Courtesy of  Flickr – Eunice SoliceYoung Athletes Urged to Use Face-Protecting Gear

“Young athletes and their parents and coaches are being reminded of the importance of wearing mouth and face protection…”

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According to this article, the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation estimated that, for 2012, in excess of 3 million teeth would be knocked out during youth sporting events.  In addition, the foundation indicated that athletes who play without mouth guards are more than 60 times more  likely to incur some injury to their teeth.

Mouth guards also help protect players from jaw injuries, according to a number of associations including the American Dental Association.  It just makes sense to insure your children are protected by mouth and head gear.  This article includes some excellent tips on this topic.

Dr. Rodney D. Chowning, Dentist Denton, TX