VITAL SIGNS: PREVENTION; Photography, the New Cavity-Fighter


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“Dentists now use X-rays and visual inspection to look for cavities, but by the time they spot trouble, there can already be a lot of damage.

With the new technique, dentists may be able to detect cavities early enough that they can be treated without the need for a filling, Dr. Stookey said. This can be done several ways, including by remineralization or with a sealant.”

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As stated in the article, If a tooth has lost calcium or phosphate because of caries, the disease that leads to cavities, it will reflect the light differently, and a camera will record the change and relay the information to a computer.If the dentist believes a tooth is developing a cavity, the patient will be asked to come back in a few months, and new pictures will be taken to see if more decalcification has occurred.


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