What to Do For Dry Mouth

Labios rotos

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By Timberlake Dental curated from healthygrades.com

– Image Courtesy of Flickr – Fran López

“Dry mouth can rob you of the sense of taste, and it can make chewing slow and swallowing difficult. The combination may lead to malnutrition, and since saliva is important for dental health, tooth decay and periodontal disease can add to the problem.”

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As stated in the article, First, be sure you’re well-hydrated. It sounds like you drink plenty of water, but even without true dehydration, the membranes in your mouth and throat will be dried out if you breathe dry air through your mouth, especially at night. If that’s your problem, nasal decongestants may help restore nose breathing, and a bedroom humidifier can add moisture to the air you breathe.


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