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“Primary education is a fundamental period for children to develop personal virtues and strong morals, build social and personal relationships and to make sense of the vast world around them. At Yuteh, character education is our primary focus. We expect our students to ingrain three principle values into their daily lives – good morals, passion for life, and love for arts. These guiding values of our program are brought to the students explicitly and gradually through daily Personal Development sessions. To teach these values, we organize concerts and dramas performed by world famous groups and individuals for Yuteh students and their families to attend. In addition, we invite professional elites to conduct art workshops and share their life stories with our students.”

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As stated in the article, “An equally important focus of Yuteh’s educational program is the pursuit of academic excellence. We consider the ability to be multi-lingual as a key element of success in this modern world. At Yuteh, our students are immersed in a bi-lingual and multi-cultural environment studying two sets of curricula. Not only are the subjects instructed in Chinese, we also offer equivalent subjects instructed solely in English. As a content-based program, we follow both curriculum standards strictly and expect our students to meet standards of their appropriate level in terms of both language abilities and content knowledge.”