S-RAYS to Replace X-Rays

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“A lot of people will ask if they can put it off, either you know, for a financial reason or you know, differences in understanding of radiation and the amounts that go with that,” Matt Hatzke, DDS, Dentist at Silicon Valley Dental Care said.

But now, instead of forcing these uncomfortable bitewings into your mouth, or exposing yourself to radiation, a new dental scan called the S-RAY may be coming to your dentist’s office. It connects to a laptop or tablet and does everything X-rays do and more.

“Digital X-rays require radiation, S-RAY does not,” explained Scott Parker, DDS, Executive VP of S-RAY.”

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As stated in the article,

The S-RAY mouthpiece scans the teeth with ultrasound sensors. It’s similar to technology doctors use to see an unborn baby. Within a minute, the s-ray can give dentists a closer look at what’s going on.

Hatzke explained, “An X-ray can show cavities between the teeth, it can show bone level, it can show certain amounts of bone loss.”
Parker also explained, “The S-RAY scan can provide four things. We can image cracks and cavities in the teeth, as well as provide 3D modeling and soft tissue data.”



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