Where did the Tooth Fairy Come From?


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By Timberlake Dental curated from Forbes.com

– Image Courtesy of Flickr – Jessica Lucia

“Disposal of baby teeth is not a new phenomenon, and in fact many cultures, both ancient and modern, have ritualized ways of disposing of teeth. For example, many of these rituals involve burning the tooth, burying it in a hole or a wall, or swallowing it. Not by accident, these tooth rituals parallel burial customs in their respective societies. In parts of Europe and the Americas, rodents or crows were usually called upon to help the person get a new and better tooth.”

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As stated in the article, “But the closest parallel to the American Tooth Fairy may be an 18th century French fairy tale called La Bonne Petite Souris. In the story, a good queen is imprisoned by a bad king and enlists a mouse for help out of her predicament. The mouse turns out to be a fairy who frees the queen and knocks out the king’s teeth. The fairy-mouse then hides the teeth under the king’s pillow, before eventually having him assassinated. A happy children’s tale for sure!”