Why Dental work is Emerging as the new anti-aging procedure

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By Timberlake Dental curated from Forbes.com

– Image Courtesy of Flickr – Adam Cohn

“AGetting your teeth fixed can be more effective than Botox. At least this is what aesthetic dentist Dr. Michael Apa tells me as he explains the noninvasive “Smile Lift,” an anti-aging procedure he created as an alternative to plastic surgery and dermatology.

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As stated in the article, Dr. Michael Apa: “The skin loses elastin and collagen over time, creating wrinkles, sagging and a more hollowed-out look due to loss of cheek fat. As teeth age, they can shift, wear down—and sometimes even need to be removed. What most don’t think about is that the teeth support the lower third of the face, and over time, this support begins to collapse.”


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