Timberlake Dental is Getting a Makeover!

Have no fear!  We are only updating our online appearance with a new logo and website.  All of things you love about Timberlake Dental will remain unchanged (unless you really loved that green leafy logo . . ).

We anticipate that the new website will be slightly more user-friendly, but otherwise your patient experience with Timberlake will be the same as it has always been.

Same Excellent Care

We are not expanding or changing our practice model.  Dr. Chowning still owns the practice and remains our sole dentist, providing the highest quality of care using the latest technology and advanced techniques.  Our goal is to create an environment where every patient receives comfortable dental treatment that will last as long as possible.

Same Wonderful People

Our staff has not changed.  You can expect to see the same great dental hygienists for your professional teeth cleanings, the same dental assistants working with Dr. Chowning, and the same smiling faces caring for you as you check in and out of your visit.  We all remain devoted to giving each and every person who enters our office a good experience.

Same Convenient Location

We are not moving!  Our beautiful office on Unicorn Lakes is still the place to find us every day.  We are well aware of the growing pains that have accompanied all of the road construction in Denton, and we, too, are anxiously awaiting the completion of the I-35E corridor.  Our location allows us to serve not only our Denton patients, but also those in Corinth, Hickory Creek, Shady Shores, Lake Dallas and beyond!

An Updated Look

We know that appearances are just that: appearances.  However, we also know that many people assume important information about a business from its online presence.  In order for our logo and website to accurately reflect our practice, it was time for an update.   We are aiming to convey the fact that our office is beautiful, comfortable and modern.  Our commitment to advanced technology, continuing education and evidence-based, scientifically proven techniques is evident in our desire to stay current, both online and in person.

Not a Patient of Timberlake Dental?

Read our reviews!  And then come see for yourself!  Call 940-382-1750 to schedule a visit with Dr. Chowning.