Five Reasons to Consider Sedation Dentistry

The use of sedation in dentistry is rising in popularity, which is not surprising. At Timberlake Dental, Dr. Chowning is happy to offer his patients the option of sedation for their dental treatments.  There are several advantages to undergoing your dental treatment with the aid of sedation.  Here are some of the most important reasons you should consider opting for sedation.

  1. Sedation Helps Patients Obtain Dental Care Despite Fear.

The most common reason people choose to undergo their dental procedures with the aid of sedation is fear.  Many people suffer from dental fear or anxiety, which prevents them from seeking the vital care necessary to maintain a healthy mouth and treat progressive dental diseases.

The use of sedation helps many people obtain their essential care because it allows them to “sleep” through the entire visit.  Dr. Chowning offers IV (intravenous) sedation, which ensures the patient’s comfort throughout the length of the treatment.

  1. Sedation Allows You to Accomplish a Large Amount of Dental Treatment in a Single Visit.

When people find themselves facing a significant amount of needed dental treatment, it can be overwhelming.  It can feel like the treatment stretches itself out over multiple appointments that each take hours of your time.

By opting for sedation, you can undergo a great deal of dental treatment in a relatively short amount of time.  For example, you may be able to have all of the necessary work performed in a single, full-day visit through which you can peacefully sleep!  Many of our busy working patients choose sedation for a long dental treatment day so that they are taking only the least amount of time off from work.

  1. Sedation Prevents Bad Dental Experiences.

One reason that many people experience dental fear or anxiety is that they have had a negative experience at a prior dental visit.  The memory of a bad experience is powerful.  With sedation, you can be asleep during your dental treatment.

Sedation medications also produce a mild amnesia, such that even when patients do seem to be more “awake” than normal, they still do not remember the visit.   This is a great advantage for patients who fear things like feeling the local anesthetic injection or hearing the sound of the high-speed dental handpiece.  Those things will still occur, but you will not remember them.

  1. Sedation Makes Your Dental Treatment Simpler for the Dentist.

Did you know that being sedated actually makes you a better patient?  Sedation helps patients remain still and comfortable, which enables your dentist to work more efficiently.  He can accomplish more dental treatment in a shorter amount of time because the patient’s comfort is guaranteed by the sedation.

This makes sedation a wonderful option for those who find it difficult to remain quiet and still in the dental chair for an hour or more.

  1. Sedation is Safe!

Not every dentist provides sedation options for his or her patients.  This is because, in order to perform sedation dentistry, a high level of education and certification is necessary.  Dr. Chowning has undergone extensive training, above the requirements for general dentistry, so that he can provide his patients with the option of IV sedation.

Both oral and IV sedation are safe, with very little risk to healthy adults.  Dr. Chowning will closely evaluate your detailed medical history to make sure you are a good candidate for undergoing sedation.  Patient safety is our number one priority!

More Questions about Sedation Dentistry?

Call Timberlake Dental at 940-382-1750 to schedule a sedation consultation with Dr. Chowning.  He can answer any question you have about the various types of sedation we offer and assess your specific situation.  We love helping every patient access the essential dental care she needs!