How Invisalign Makes You Healthier

Most people mistakenly assume that orthodontics is strictly cosmetic in nature.  Because Invisalign is the most cosmetic way to straighten teeth, patients often think there is no health benefit.  It is important to understand first that Invisalign is orthodontic treatment, not cosmetic dentistry, and second, that orthodontic treatment leads to a healthier mouth.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that utilizes clear, almost invisible, aligners to reposition the teeth according to your dentist’s prescription.  Using 3D imaging and CAD/CAM technology, your dentist works with an orthodontic lab technician to safely move the teeth on a digital model first.  Once the treatment plan is complete, the lab creates a series of clear aligners, each of which moves the teeth fractions of a millimeter at a time until we achieve the final result.

Invisalign aligners use targeted, measured force to apply pressure to the teeth in order to affect very precise movements.  Because they are removable, patients must commit to wearing them with great compliance, at least twenty-two hours every day.  If you don’t wear them, the teeth don’t move.  With good compliance, Invisalign will straighten the teeth beautifully.  The length of treatment depends on the severity of the orthodontic condition.  The more crowded your teeth are, the longer it will take to straighten them.

How are Straight Teeth Healthier than Crooked Teeth?

It is important to understand the oral health benefits of straightening your teeth.  Orthodontic treatments are not solely for cosmetic purposes.

Straight Teeth are Easier to Clean.

One of the first things our Invisalign patients notice during treatment is how much easier it is for them to floss.  Severely crowded teeth are difficult to maneuver your floss between and clean properly.  Most people find this so frustrating that they simply give up and don’t even attempt flossing regularly.

When you are brushing very crooked teeth, the toothbrush bristles do not touch every tooth surface.  The overlapping of crowded teeth prevents good plaque removal, even with great brushing technique.

As the teeth straighten, both brushing and flossing become easier and more effective.  Straight teeth make good plaque removal attainable.

Straight Teeth are Less Likely to Get Cavities.

Straight teeth collect less dental plaque between them than crowded teeth do.  In fact, when plaque does accumulate on straight teeth, you can naturally flush it away with saliva, water, and the movements of your tongue.

Crowded teeth provide many nooks and crannies where teeth overlap that are perfect hiding spots for dental plaque.  Plaque contains the bacteria that cause cavities.  The longer plaque stays on the tooth’s enamel, the more damage it can do.  Because straight teeth make it less likely for plaque to get stuck and easier for you to remove plaque, they carry a much lower risk for cavities.

Straight Teeth are Less Likely to Get Gum Disease.

Dental plaque also causes gum disease, which includes gingivitis and more aggressive periodontal disease.  This means that both of the reasons described above (plaque that is easier to remove and less likely to collect) will also apply to a lower risk for gum disease.  In addition to those, gum disease has a unique risk factor associated with crooked teeth.

Scientists performed a research study of the composition of dental plaque on straight teeth compared to plaque from crooked teeth.  They found that the plaque is not just the same.  Actually, the plaque that collects on crooked teeth contained significantly more disease-causing bacteria than the plaque from straight teeth did.  The conclusion is that crooked teeth actually collects a different type of plaque that is more likely to lead to worsening gum disease.  This is an extremely important find when it comes to the treatment of gum disease.  A patient with crowded teeth will have a more difficult time overcoming periodontal disease than someone with straight teeth would.

More Questions about How  Invisalign Could Make You Healthier?

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