How to Deal With Dental Anxiety

Everyone can be a little fearful of the dentist. But if your fear prevents you from even trying to access your most needed dental services, then you might be dealing with dental anxiety.

This condition unfortunately keeps many people back from fully addressing their oral health needs, and puts them at risk of serious complications. In this article, we will explore the topic of dental anxiety closely, and present some options about how you can get through it to get the oral health care you need.

What Is Dental Anxiety? 

Dental anxiety is commonly described as fear of dental services, though it can also manifest as extreme stress in some cases. People who suffer from dental anxiety often delay or avoid seeing a dentist altogether, even when they have a pressing dental health issue that needs to be resolved.

This condition can be triggered by many different factors, however. It’s not always that people fear every single part of seeing the dentist, but just one component of it, like the possibility of requiring an injection (fear of needles) or even the sound of a drill.

Luckily, people with dental anxiety can still access their most needed dental treatment. Your dentist will likely recommend certain sedation options which can allow you to get your treatment.

Different Types of Sedation Options

There are different options for sedation available to you. Your dentist will recommend a specific type of sedation depending on various factors, like the severity of your anxiety, medical history, and even the type of dental health service you need.

Here are the types of sedation offered at Timberlake Dental:

  • Laughing Gas

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, is a popular type of sedation because it’s generally considered safe and not known to cause other health effects. The patient will breathe in the gas, which will help keep them calm and relaxed during the appointment. The gas can sometimes make people a bit giggly, which is why people refer to it as laughing gas.

  • Oral Conscious

The patient will receive sedation medication before their procedure. Again, patients feel calm and relaxed during their appointment but will remain fully awake. Though some patients fall asleep because of their relaxed state, they are easily woken if need be.

  • IV sedation

With IV sedation, the patient receives a constant drip of sedation medication which can help them stay calm throughout the procedure. Like with laughing gas and oral sedation, you will remain fully awake during your appointment.

Dealing with Dental Anxiety? Timberlake Dental Can Help

We understand how difficult it is to come and see us when you have dental anxiety, but Timberlake Dental will help you get through your appointment with ease thanks to our sedation dentistry services.

Book a consultation with Dr. Rodney Chowning now to find out more about how we can help you access essential medical services even with dental anxiety.