Sugar-Free Stocking Stuffers

This is the week for Christmas shopping!  We will celebrate the holiday season with gifts for loved ones, and many of us do that by filling stockings up with goodies.  The easiest thing to throw in those big treat bags is candy.  But surely, you are all getting plenty of sugar this week without the stocking stuffers, right?  Instead, how about picking some of these treats to fill your stockings?

If you still need to grab a few things, these are great ideas for adults and kids alike.


Everyone loves chapstick, and seemingly, everyone also loses it.  You can never go wrong by including a fun tube of your favorite lip balm in the stocking at Christmas.  One important tip: make sure you purchase chapstick or lip balm with an SPF of 15 or greater.  People who spend a lot of time in the sun have a high risk for skin cancer, and that includes the lips.  We can reduce that risk by wearing chapstick that has SPF 15.

Essential Oils

People use essential oils for a variety of purposes.  Some smell so lovely that you can actually use them as a perfume.  You can diffuse them into the air as a home fragrance or enjoy some of their medicinal purposes.  Specific to oral health, you may want to have them on hand in the event of a toothache.  Clove oil or the Thieves blend has a calming effect on the nerves inside teeth, and peppermint oil helps soothe gum inflammation.

Cute Facemasks

We know we will continue fighting the pandemic for a while yet.  Why not throw in some cute facemasks?  Protect yourself and your loved ones against both COVID and the flu this year by wearing a mask that is fun and festive.

Playing Cards

Did you know that playing good old-fashioned games with your family can reduce stress, improve your overall health, and help you sleep better?  A deck of playing cards and some simple games in which the whole family can participate are not only a fun diversion for the long, cold nights of winter.  They might just help you relax and truly rest over this holiday break.

Bath Bombs

Did someone say relax?  A nice hot bath is one way to do that.  A good bath bomb makes bath time extra fun for kids and more spa-like for adults.  The fizzing and fragrances they release transforms a normal bath into a luxurious experience.  Winding down in a bath before bed helps you fall asleep more quickly.

Floss (Sorry, we can’t resist)

Listen.  We know you are tired of hearing about floss.  But it fits in a stocking, and it improves your overall health (when you actually use it . . .).  Floss doesn’t have to be boring.  CocoFloss makes so many exotic scents and comes in such neat packaging that it definitely makes for a fun stocking stuffer.  Burst makes an expanding charcoal floss, which is an interesting option, too.

For the kids, get some fun floss picks with cute animals on them like these.

Here is a brilliant idea: give floss as a stocking stuffer, and then make daily flossing one of your New Year’s Resolutions!

Wishing You and Yours a Very Merry Christmas,

and a Happy New Year!

With love from Dr. Chowning and the team at Timberlake Dental