What are some good sugar-free alternatives to hand out this year?



As Halloween is right around the corner, it can be daunting trying to figure out what treat to have that won’t decay your teeth. Here are a few creative ideas of things to hand out that are less harmful to one’s teeth.

1.)    Spooky Spider Rings

2.)    Sugar-free Gum

3.)    Halloween Coloring pages

4.)    Silly Stickers

5.)    Small toys (similar to ones that come in kid’s meals)

6.)    Glow sticks

7.)    Bottled water with goofy pictures/paintings on them

8.)    Spooky Bubbles (Paint Halloween images on bubble container)

9.)    Slinkies

10.)  Halloween Play-Doh (Get Halloween-colored Play-Doh and place it in Halloween decorative bags)

11.)  Spooky Hand Stamps

12.)  Children’s Halloween Tattoo Stickers

13.)  Zombie Spray (Decorate spray bottles with silly monster faces and fill them with water. Label with instructions to spray and keep the monsters away.)


These are just a few of the many creative treats that you can hand out on Halloween night. We hope you too can come up with many fun ideas to keep the kids happy and healthy! Please reach out to us if you have any hesitations or concerns about how to make smart oral health choices this Spooky Halloween that still allow you to have all the fun. Don’t forget to celebrate National Brush Day on November 1st with us to continue to encourage good oral habits!

Stay Spooky!