Why are Mouthguards Important?

Why are mouthguards important?

Mouthguards play a major role in the protection of an athletes teeth. Individuals who participate in physical activities are at a higher risk of suffering from mouth injuries. Mouthguards are crucial when it comes to protecting yourself from injuries to the face. Every athlete is at a high risk of potentially suffering from mouth injuries.

 One study from Dental Traumatology found that mouthguards helped lower the prevalence of dental trauma among athletes of contact sports. Many people who could benefit from the protection offered by a guard choose not to use them. While damage to the mouth and face is common in many sports, only 41% of players reported using a mouthguard.” (Colgate 2022)

Unfortunately, as necessary as mouthguards are for protecting one’s mouth, majority of athletes do not consistently wear them. The sports injuries that can occur to an individuals mouth can be quite severe and often costly to repair. We recommend if you or a loved one play contact sports, that a mouthguard be worn each time while playing.

If you have any concerns about your mouthguard or specific oral health questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or your local dental provider.