Chipped A Crown? Here’s What To Do

Dental crowns in Denton are designed to restore a damaged tooth to its full function and look. Though they are strong, dental crowns are far from indestructible.

So you may be at home one night, enjoying some popcorn, and all of a sudden, you catch a kernel. When you bite it, you hear a scary sound, and you think your dental crown might have been damaged.

It’s actually not an uncommon situation. In most cases, dental crown chips or cracks are no reason to worry, but that doesn’t mean you should ever ignore the problem!

Chipped A Crown? Here's What To Do

Here are the steps you need to take if you ever chip a dental crown:

Stay Calm and Assess the Situation

Try to inspect the dental crown in the mirror or ask someone next to you to take a look. In many cases, a chipped dental crown might be fixed right at the dentist’s office, but it does depend on your specific circumstance.

Check the crown for any sharp edges, if it moves, or if you are experiencing any pain or bleeding, so you can provide all this information later on to a dentist.

Call Dr. Rodney Chowning ASAP

Again, a chipped dental crown isn’t always a dental emergency, but it could be uncomfortable. You may be experiencing some unpleasant symptoms, such as pain or swelling.

In any case, the crown should be immediately inspected by Denton dentist Dr. Rodney Chowning. A dental crown’s job is to protect the natural tooth underneath, so if its ability to do that is impacted, it needs to be fixed or replaced as soon as possible.

You can call Dr. Chowning at (940) 395-1467 to get more personalized tips on how to proceed. He may provide you with recommendations on how to manage your symptoms until your appointment. 

Stop by Timberlake Dental

The only way to know for sure if your crown can be repaired is to get it assessed by Dr. Chowning.

Sometimes, minor chips can be easily addressed by simply shaving the crown slightly to even out the edges and restore a healthy bite. However, more extensive damage could mean your crown needs to be replaced.

Luckily, Timberlake Dental has same-day crowns available, so even if you need a new crown, it won’t take very long to get it!

Just be sure to follow up on your appointment. Once the initial crisis passes, you may notice an improvement in your systems, but that doesn’t always mean you’re in the clear.

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If you are dealing with a chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged crown, Dr. Rodney Chowning is ready to see you and help restore your oral health!

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