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When Should We Start Using Toothpaste on Our Children, and How Much Should We Use?

Teaching your children to care for their teeth is an important part of parenting, and the first step is caring for the teeth until they are able to take over.  As the caretaker of an infant, it is your responsibility to clean his or her teeth on a daily basis. Why Clean Infants’ Teeth Many […]

How to Help Your Kids Prevent Cavities

While preventing cavities in your own mouth requires diligence in oral hygiene and dietary choices, preventing cavities in your children’s mouths requires even more of your attention.  Unfortunately, it is not like teaching your child to tie his own shoes and then trusting him to do it correctly every morning.  Preventing cavities involves a complex […]

Toddler Tooth Care

We love that Denton is a town full of growing families!  And at Timberlake Dental, we love caring for the entire family.  This week’s blog is full of important information about caring for your toddlers’ teeth! What Am I Supposed to Do to Care for My Toddler’s Teeth? Baby teeth are just as important as […]

Are Baby Teeth Really That Important?

Yes! We hear this question a lot.  Some parents tend to be less concerned about a child’s baby teeth because they know these teeth will eventually fall out.  This blog will explore all of the reasons baby teeth DO matter and need to be healthy for the years they are in your child’s mouth. What […]

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Also known as bottle rot or early childhood caries, baby bottle tooth decay is a condition in which very young children experience moderate to severe cavities in their baby teeth.  As the name implies, this condition is caused by an improper use of baby bottles. How Does a Baby Get Cavities? Cavities are caused by […]