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Are Mouth Piercings Bad for You?

Yes. Of course we have more to say about it than just “yes”.  But the answer to the overall question is a resounding yes.  Mouth piercings seem to grow in fade in popularity over time.  We have seen the damage they can cause to the mouth, so we always urge our patients to avoid them […]

What are My Options to Repair Cracked or Broken Teeth?

We are living through some unusual and stressful times.  In many people, this stress manifests itself in the physical form through heavy clenching and/or grinding of the teeth.  You might do this at night while sleeping or throughout the day.  Regardless of when you do it, it is important to understand that this could be […]

What to Do if You Have a Dental Emergency

Accidents happen.  Sometimes dental problems sneak up on you when you’re not prepared for them.  Regardless of the cause, emergencies are never easy.  This blog will equip you to deal with dental emergencies in the best possible way. What Constitutes a Dental Emergency? There are many different dental problems that occur when you least expect […]

Toothpicks, Ice Chewing and Other Bad Habits

We all have bad habits.  Some of these just waste our time, but others can actually be harmful.  In dentistry, we worry about habits that can damage your teeth and gums.  This blog will highlight some of the most common bad habits we see and the damage they can cause. Toothpicks Good old fashioned wooden […]