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Common Myths about Wisdom Teeth

Many people have had their own experiences with wisdom teeth.  This can lead to certain generalizations that are not necessarily true for everyone.  Some of this misinformation can cause people to make the wrong assumptions about wisdom teeth.  We will debunk several of those myths in this week’s blog. Myth #1: Everyone has wisdom teeth. […]

Why are X-rays So Important?

Many people accept x-rays as a fact of life when it comes to consistent dental visits.  Others question their necessity or fear negative consequences from them.  We covered the safety of dental x-rays in a previous blog that you can read here.  In this blog, we’ll explain why they are so important. X-rays Enable Early […]

Do I Really Need to Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Winter break is approaching, and for a lot of high school and college students, this may mean it’s time to have their wisdom teeth removed.  Does everyone need to have their wisdom teeth removed?  Not necessarily.  There are many criteria that dentists evaluate to determine whether or not a patient’s wisdom teeth need to be […]