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Stay Away from Sticky!

Did you know that the texture and consistency of your food has an impact on the health of your teeth?  It’s true.  Crunchy vegetables (like raw carrots and celery) can actually clean plaque away from the teeth, making them a great healthy snack choice.  In contrast, sticky foods that contain simple carbohydrates are a bad […]

What to Avoid in that Halloween Stash

We know that Halloween might have looked a little different this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.  We also know that for most people, whether you went trick-or-treating or not, you probably have a lot of excess candy lying around this week.  Like good parents, we are certain you’ve confiscated your kids’ candy in order […]

Don’t Get Tricked by Halloween Treats!

Halloween: Making Good Decisions for Your Teeth Halloween is almost synonymous with candy, and most people know that candy can cause cavities.  What many people do not know is that some candy is worse and more likely to cause cavities than other types of candy.  As dentists, it is easy to be a killjoy on […]