Is fluoride bad for you

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By Timberlake Dental curated from Ask Doctor K.

“I know there are people who think fluoride in drinking water, toothpaste or mouthwash is harmful, so I’m likely to get some mail about this column. But my job is to tell you what the scientific evidence shows…”

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We have included fluoride in our drinking water for a long time, but from time to time there always seems to be a scare about its safety.  These rumors usually link fluoride to a number of bad side effects, from allergies to heart disease.  Another warning that crops up is fluorosis, the discoloration of teeth in children.  As related in this article, these issues just aren’t a concern if we are talking about fluoride in drinking water.  The concentration is just too low to produce these negative effects.

Be forewarned however, to keep certain substances in your household under your control and away from your children to avoid ingestion of too much fluoride from other sources.    The value of low doses of fluoride in drinking water in aiding the rebuilding of tooth enamel is just too valuable of a health aid to ignore.  Keep in mind that the widespread fluoridation of drinking water has been considered one of the 10 top public health accomplishments of the 20th Century.

Rodney Chowning DDS, General Dentistry, Denton, TX