Can You Really Cough Up a Lung

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“Hacking too hard can actually push out part of your lung through your ribs…”

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Yes, you can actually cough up a lung.  It actually happened to a woman with asthma, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.  She had been ill for some time with a strong persistent cough.  After she finally went to the hospital to gain some relief, her doctors found that a portion of her lung had poked out between two ribs.  She didn’t actually expel a lung – and recovered fully;  but she surely came close to coughing up a lung.  Her condition was quite unusual and her condition was more weakened than most because of her longstanding battle with asthma.  People have been known to pop out an eyeball or even rupture a spleen due to a violent cough.

The point is that even though a cough is a natural and beneficial action – in expelling irritating and dangerous substances from your lungs, don’t let your cough get too violent.  See a doctor if you have an unusually strong cough.

Dr. Rodney Chowning, Your Dentist in Denton, TX