Caffeine-Laced Gum Has Energized The FDA

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By Timberlake Dental curated from National Public Radio

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“The caffeinated chewing gum has pushed the FDA over the edge…”

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As reported in this article, the FDA has been relatively quiet about caffeine in foods, taking an action only once in 1950 to approve it for soft drinks.  Since then caffeine has shown up in potato chips. chocolate, and of course energy bars and drinks without a peep from the FDA.  That may well change with the new idea of including caffeine in chewing gum – a product being developed by Wrigley.

The FDA is concerned about the effect of caffeine on both children and teenagers.  It has short term effects which can cause health problems and has an addictive quality that is troublesome, especially given the lack of long-term studies on its impact.

Dr. Rodney Chowning, DDS, General and Sedation Dentistry, Denton, TX