How can I keep my mouth healthy as I get older

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“As I age, what can I do to keep my mouth healthy?…”

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Like the rest of your body, your mouth suffers from the impact of aging.   Age increases the incidence of dental decay, gum disease, infections and other ailments.   It is fortunate, however, that you can keep your mouth feeling and looking younger by forming a habit of good oral hygiene.

With age, your teeth suffer the detrimental impact of years and (yes decades) of crunching and grinding, exposure to acidic foods, and other assaults on the healthy layer of enamel on the surface of your teeth.  The impact of cavities, as well, can degrade your oral health. Gums also suffer with the passage of time.

So what are you to do?  Read this article to find out!

Dr. Rodney D. Chowning DDS, General Dentist Denton, TX