Awake on the Operating Table, a Violinist Plays During His Own Brain Surgery

The Violin and the Brain OperationCurated News:

By Timberlake Dental curated from Everyday Health

– Image Courtesy of  Flickr – photographer23

“Deep brain stimulation offers hope for patients with essential tremors, but the surgeons must be guided by the patient himself. For Roger Frisch, that meant playing the violin while having brain surgery…”

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This is an interesting article about a violinist who was forced to take a dramatic step in his life by undergoing surgery for brain cancer.  His condition was called “essential tumor” which causes tremors, often in the hands and arms.  He sought out neurosurgeons at Mayo Clinic who performed a surgery requiring his active participation during the procedure to test his reaction to the surgical intervention.

With his career on the line this violinist succeeded in completing the procedure and was performing again two days later!

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