Mechanical Toothbrushes

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By Timberlake Dental curated from Consumer Guide to Dentistry

– Image Courtesy of Flickr – Andrew Malone

“Mechanical toothbrushes provide multiple benefits to different people. They are ideal for the elderly, people with arthritis and patients with special needs, such as those who are disabled. Additionally, mechanical toothbrushes are recommended for people with braces, people with poor oral hygiene habits and caregivers who brush other people’s teeth.”

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As a individual with a mechanical toothbrush as myself, I find these very useful and significantly better than normal toothbrushes. The mechanical toothbrushes are able to clean in-between the teeth and hit spots that a regular toothbrush may not reach while also providing a timer so that you brush exactly as long as you need to (about 2 minutes). The mechanical toothbrushes are more efficient and are recommended by many doctors throughout the world, including myself.