Can you handle a dental emergency?

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“As children begin to walk, they become more susceptible to accidents. It’s all part of the process of growing up, of course, but falling or bumping into hard objects can damage their new little teeth. If left untreated, dental injuries that result from these “misadventures” can lead to infection – in both the mouth and other places like the ears, sinuses and brain – loss of teeth and, ultimately, costly dental restorative treatment. That’s why it’s so important to have a plan in place and a Dental Home – or home base – established for your child’s dental needs. Plus, children who have already visited a pediatric dentist will perceive the dental office as a friendly place, and they might be calmer and less afraid in the event of a dental emergency.”

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As stated in the article, A dental emergency can be any traumatic injury to the mouth that results in significant bleeding. The first thing I tell parents is that in the event of any dental issue, emergency or not, they can always call their pediatric dentist. If there is bleeding, significant pain, swelling or fever – or simply doubt about whether or not their child needs immediate treatment – just pick up the phone.
In today’s smartphone-enabled world, we’ll often ask parents to take a picture of the injury and text it to us. That way, we can determine the extent of the damage and answer any questions they might have prior to their visit.
I also recommend printing out this checklist and posting it somewhere visible – like on the fridge or pinned to a bulletin board. That way, you or anyone else who might be taking care of your child can make a quick, informed decision about what to do.