Healthy Teeth and Special Needs Children: What Parents Need To Know


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“Pediatric dentists have unique expertise and extra training to treat children with special needs.
According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 1 in 5 households in the U.S. include at least one child with a special health care need.[1] Given that many general dentists don’t treat children with special needs, parents and caregivers may find it challenging to find a dentist to care for their child. This may be one of the reasons that dental care is the leading unmet health care need among children with special needs, according to the National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center.[i]
So, what do parents and caregivers need to know in order to ensure healthy little teeth and overall well being for children with special needs?”

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As stated in the article, Pediatric dentists are the best resource for oral health. Pediatric dentists are the dental professionals of choice for children with special needs. All pediatric dentists are trained in the care of patients with special needs. Beyond dental school, pediatric dentists have 2-3 years of specialized training in areas such as addressing anxiety related to dental visits. Talk to your pediatric dentist about best-practice recommendations that can help better meet your child’s specific needs. For example, many products, such as floss holders, fluoride rinses and adaptive aids for toothbrushes are available to help a patient with special needs prevent tooth decay and gum disease.