Baby Bottle Tooth Decay


How Does Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Occur?

Baby bottle tooth decay is developed from sugars sitting on teeth for an extended period. These sugars can range anywhere from milk/formula to juices. Putting your child to bed with a bottle or dipping their pacifier in sugary drinks can cause their teeth to decay over time.

Why Does it Matter?

While we all know that baby teeth are not permanent, it is still important to take good care of them. Baby teeth are placeholders for adult teeth and a lack of proper care for baby teeth can lead to damaged adult teeth, speech problems, and poor eating habits. Unfortunately, if a child’s baby teeth are damaged, it is extremely likely that their adult teeth will have complications as well.

How to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Simple things such as brushing your child’s teeth, cleaning them with a washcloth, setting frequent dental checkups, reducing sugary drinks, and never letting them fall asleep with a bottle.

Next Steps

If you notice discoloration on your child’s teeth, bad breath, swollen gums, or anything else that may seem concerning to you, make an appointment with your dental provider as soon as possible. Your dentist will help you determine your next course of action for your child’s oral health based on their examination.