Broken or Chipped Teeth


Chipped Permanent Tooth

If you have a chip on a permanent tooth of yours, then you may have noticed a slight pain that came with it. Chipped permanent teeth are often sensitive to touch and temperature. Chipped teeth typically are an easy fix and can usually be restored with or without the tooth fragments.

  • A Loosened Permanent Tooth

If you have a permanent tooth that is loosened or sensitive to touch, with no other damage to it, it is likely that you will not need as much treatment. In this situation, your dentist will gather x-rays of the loosened tooth and monitor it as needed.

Chipped Primary Tooth

Often, injured primary teeth are handled in a very similar way to the permanent teeth. Treatment, as usual, will often depend on the extent of the injury and the amount of damage that is done to the tooth. If the injured primary tooth cannot be saved, the dentist may make the decision to remove it.

  • A Loosened Primary Tooth

Similar to a permanent tooth, your dentist will monitor a loosened primary tooth in order to determine if underlying damage to the permanent tooth was done.