How Tongue and Lip Piercings Can Damage Teeth and Gums


It is quite common for people now to have tongue or lip piercings, but according to Dentists, the extent of damage that can be caused by them in your mouth is not worth the risk.

Studies show that individuals who have any form of oral piercing suffer from caves, pockets, gaps around their teeth, and damaged gums. Periodontitis is a gum disease that ultimately can lead to tooth loss. Individuals with the symptoms listed as pockets, gaps, caves, and damaged gums are experiencing periodontitis.

“Researchers reported that 3 in 5 studies found deeper pockets around teeth next to tongue piercings, and 3 in 4 found wider gaps between teeth; 2 in 3 found bleeding gums, and four studies looking for receding gums found it in all four.

In addition, 3 of 4 studies looking at lip piercings revealed receding gums in the area.” (Healthday 2022)

The damage from oral piercings can be very extreme and individuals who currently have these piercings should remove them to prevent any further issues. If you have oral piercings or are considering getting one, talk to your dentist about any questions you may have or treatment you may need for it.