Oral Health and Aging


As people begin to age and their body starts to wear down, healthy oral habits can often be overlooked. The demographic of older adults (65 +) is growing each day. This being said, this growing number will also affect the dental world.

Older adults have challenges that they face over time that can also affect their oral health, such as…

  • More likely to use more medications, which can lead to more opportunities for mix-ups.
  • Can potentially struggle with certain impairments such as physical, sensory, and cognitive that can make oral care more challenging.
  • Can suffer from aging-related conditions such as dry mouth, periodontitis, increased sensitivity to drugs, and root and coronal caries.

These are just a few reasons that older adults may find it challenging to maintain their oral habits.

While these may be challenges for older adults, we want to help people find ways to overcome them.

Medication mix-ups can be a very big deal and should be avoided, if possible. If you or a loved one struggles with this, make sure they have assistance when taking their medications. If an older adult struggles with certain impairments that hinder their oral habits, let their Dentist know so that they can help you form solutions for them. Any other age-related conditions can also be taken up with your Dentist for a treatment plan as well.

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