Swollen Wisdom Teeth


Swollen Wisdom Teeth

Swollen wisdom teeth sites often occur because the teeth are impacted, there is an injury or infection, or the gum is irritated.

-In the case of impaction, “the teeth are blocked from coming up through the gums by the jawbone or other teeth. Cysts, or pockets of fluid, can form around the tooth, and in some rare cases, this can even lead to tumors. As the roots of the teeth lengthen and take greater hold, it’s more likely that wisdom teeth swelling will become a problem.” (Crest)

-When injury or infection is occurring in the wisdom teeth site of the mouth, our body’s natural response to it is to bring oxygen-rich blood cells to the site and necessary nutrients. The small blood vessels then expand and blood increases which causes inflammation.

-As wisdom teeth begin to emerge, the gums can become tender. This problem can become more challenging when food particles get stuck and cause even more swelling and tenderness.

If you notice your wisdom teeth begin to swell, make your dental provider aware of these concerns so that they can help you properly treat them.